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The Office of Dual Careers and Faculty Relocation provides resources and support for new and prospective academics and their partners to help with successful relocation to the Chicago area.

Recruiting the world’s top scholars to join the University of Chicago community is an institutional priority. Many scholars are part of a dual-career family, and the decision to accept an academic position is often based on the availability and quality of employment for the partner.

The University is committed to providing career resources to academic partners and also to helping academic families make a home in this vibrant community. Assistance with finding housing and childcare, exploring K-12 options, and connecting to Hyde Park and the surrounding area are part of our efforts to make the University an intellectual home for academics and a supportive, family friendly environment.

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Dual Careers Services

  • Guidance and networking support for academic partners seeking meaningful careers in all fields
  • Confidential conversations between partners and the Dual Careers Director
  • Networking and assistance for international academic partners and resources for English language learners
  • Support and resources for international faculty partners building professional networks in the US
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  • Assistance with locating a home in the Chicago area
  • Information about the University’s Employer Assisted Housing Program
  • Consultations about housing options and the Chicago real estate market
  • Short-term housing referrals
  • Referrals to leasing agents, local landlords, and real estate agents
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Referrals and resources for childcare, K–12 public and private schools, recreational activities, eldercare, and relevant campus and community resources

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For more information, schedule a consultation with Liv Leader, Director of the Office of Dual Careers and Faculty Relocation.

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Dr. CJ Mimee, Faculty Partner
“My husband and I relocated to Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood from Boston, and it didn’t take long to feel at home here. The process was largely accelerated by our interactions with the Office of Dual Careers and Faculty Relocation. Through networking and social events coordinated by this office, we met people in other departments, their spouses, and friends in the community. I am a doctor of physical therapy, so moving here was challenging in that I lost my entire patient caseload and had to figure out where and how to start over. With this office’s help, I found a great office space and happily opened my clinic. Initially, I thought that our relationship with this office at UChicago was to help us get settled, however, we have come to see it as an ongoing resource to continue our engagement with the community and just generally feel and stay connected.”
—Dr. CJ Mimee, Faculty Partner